Good afternoon! Time for day 2 of 365 🙂

To begin this post, let it be known that I occasionally pull over and “dumpster dive” or take an item off the side of the road, but it’s not really something I do often. I’ve gotten a pretty awesome chair and some really good flower pots, a sweet antique Singer sewing machine, and even an aloe plant from the “garbage”.  However, I try not to make a habit out of it because 1) I don’t need things cluttering up my house or garage and 2) Who the hell knows where this stuff has been? and maybe even 3)I don’t want to look like a hobo?

Anyway, today started out like any other day when Scott and I carpool. We were driving down Forge Hill Rd. when suddenly I spotted a gem in someone’s roadside collection. It was absolutely the most perfect thing we could ever give our friend Kristen for her new home. I made Scott turn the car around to so that I could get it. It totally made him late for work. He totally thought it was worth it. Especially when he saw the look on Kristen’s face and heard her *squee* when we handed it over. Take a look and see for yourself. Could you think of anything more perfect to complete your Wednesday? I know I couldn’t.

Kristen with her new home accent.

Kristen with her new home accent.


She’ll probably kill me once she finds that I’ve put her picture in my blog. Oh well. AND she says she wants to get it professionally framed and matted so she can hang it over her fire place. How awesome a friend(s) do you have to be to KNOW how perfect this kind of gift would be? Like, Uber awesome. That’s how awesome. And Scott and I are that kind of awesome, obviously. Kristen, *cough, cough* I think we deserve that totally awesome award thing that the commissioner (or whatever it is you call it) of awesome gives out to awesome people.

That’s it for today folks. Stay tuned for day 3 tomorrow. Who knows what’s in store? I don’t, that’s for sure.

Oh, and one more thing…Scott and I are headed to the Park tonight for good food, good beer, and good friends if you want to join in our awesomeness. AWESOME!