Good day, my happy readers.  This is day 4 of 365!
Can I just say, TGIF?! I’m so glad the weekend is upon us. I’m sure those of you in the USMA band might beg to differ considering you’ll have to be up at the butt crack of dawn for your review and the football game tomorrow (Go Army?), but I’m looking forward to my weekend. I’m gonna do some sleeping in! And Sunday, I’m going with Kendra to the Holistic Healing Spiritual Faire in Newburgh. Let me know if you want to tag along. There will be readings and jewelry and massage and reiki and all kinds of fun things and everything is covered with your entry fee (except for if you buy jewelry or whatnot)!! For more information or to buy an advanced ticket (which are only on sale until midnight tonight) you can follow this link
All proceeds from the tickets and the door prize entry fees go towards helping the Wounded Warrior Program.
Now for today’s photograph:
As I was standing outside on the back deck this morning watching the dogs do their thing, I realized we probably have the best view in the neighborhood. It’s beautiful when the sun comes up over the mountains. I thought I would take a picture so I could share. Obviously it’s going to be better witnessing it in person, but this gives you a general idea of how I started my day. Enjoy the photo and have a super fantastic weekend everyone! Stay tuned for day 5 tomorrow!
Morning view from my back deck

Morning view from my back deck