Hi there, blog fans. Today is day 6 of 365! Just fair warning that this blog is going to be a little longer because I want to describe the readings I got at the faire.

Where should I begin with my day? Should we start with the part where I woke up at 6:45 am and couldn’t go back to sleep? That was a great way to start my day. It’s really ok, though. I don’t really mind. At least I got some pretty good sleep last night. This morning I met Kendra at the Hilton Garden Inn in Newburgh for the 2nd annual holistic healing spiritual faire. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I went in with an open mind. Everyone was so nice and thoughtful and genuinely happy to be there. I like being around people like that.

The first thing we did was walk around to the different booths. I met a shaman who gave me some love for the water cds to share with my girl scouts. It was really strange.  I was walking away from the table and she was like, oh wait, I need you to share this song with people. She didn’t even give Kendra one, and she gave me like 5. I told her I would be sure to share them with my girl scouts, and she seemed extraordinarily thankful. We also found some really neat Reiki charged earrings and we each got a couple of pairs. I got one pair with adventurine and hematite and another pair with turquoise. I love them.

Next we sat in on a guided meditation. It went ok. It was hard because apparently the conference room they were supposed to use was taken. There was really too much noise to have a good meditation session, but since I haven’t been the best about meditating, any session was a good session. I didn’t see Violet (one of my spirit guides) but I did see Dog (a golden retriever guide) and he was super happy to be with me again.

We then went into the reading room where I sat for a gemstone/crystal reading. I’ve never had one so I thought it would be neat. And it was. Adam shook my hand and as soon as he did, he was suprised and smiled. He said, “Alex, you have such strong powerful healing energy!” I’ve heard several times that I am meant to be a healer, but it’s always surprising when people call my attention to it that way. He had me choose 4 stones from his abalone shell. I chose a piece of malachite, a piece of lapis lazuli, a piece of carnelian, and a piece of opal moonstone. He basically told me that I’m going to be really good at working with animals from the healing aspect. He also said that I would be good at working with hospice patients because of my patience and other talents I’ve yet to discover. He really just kept emphasizing my healing abilities and my pure and old soul. He also kept mentioning how I’m on the cusp of Scorp/Sag. There was a lot I got out of it, but I’m not sure if I can “vocalize” it here in my blog.

As I was waiting for my tarot reading, Adam came up to me and handed me the piece of carnelian he used for my reading. He said it was a gift to help me develop my creativity. It’s now in my pocket. I then sat for a tarot reading. The nice lady (her name escapes me at the moment) immediately saw my new earrings that I had just purchased. SHE made them and charged them, lol! She also really liked and seemed drawn to my unicorn pendant that belonged to my mother. She mentioned how I sat on the cusp too, and I didn’t even tell her my birthday. I don’t know if that is starting to play a role in my life now or what…In the past I’ve been a hardcore Scorpio. She saw a large money fraud happening (it actually JUST happened. I had $700 stolen from my bank account through paypal). She saw both my husband and I starting new jobs and each being successful at them. She saw my new job with animals, saw that I would be losing money in the beginning due to the pay cut, but that it was what I needed to do at this point in my life. She told me I just really needed to stay focused, finish my degree, and everything would fall into place. I need to stop being so indecisive with such important things. It’s ok to take baby steps and be careful, but sometimes you just need to go for what you want. My favorite part of the reading was when she told me that I should learn Reiki so that I could help animals holistically. She also said it would help me, because I would be helping animals crossover a lot. Although animals honor you by letting you see them crossover (according to native American legend) she thinks it will take a toll on me emotionally and Reiki will help ease that burden. So…I feel more confident in my career path now at least. She also said I will have a male baby whose name starts with a J (Baby Jack!!) in the year 2011 or 2012!! So yay!

I’m sure you guys are like bored out of your mind now with all of this spiritual babble. Sorry about that.  I just wanted to document it for myself before I forgot and also for friends who asked me how my readings went. Now finally for today’s picture: Me after I got home from the faire 🙂 This is a happy more confident Alex!

After the faire!

After the faire!