Welcome to day 10 of  365, peeps!

First of all, can I just say I’ve absolutely worn myself out today with my excitement? I thought the girls at work were going to kill me by the time I left today. I’m sure you all are waiting for me to tell you about my working interview, so I suppose I’ll do that now. It was absolutely super fantastic, and I loved it so much! I got to see some really cool things while I went around with the vet techs and aides at Flannery today. Some of the sights included a teeth cleaning, a neuter, and a kitty eyeball removal surgery. Poor kitty got hit by a car and it made her eye explode and there were maggots and everything!! WHOAH! Everyone was so nice! I got to ask a crazy whole bunch of questions and they were all answered. Even the vets were nice and actually WANTING to teach what they knew. I loved it. The girls I got to work with today said they really liked me and wanted me to get the job. They said they would say nice things about me. I really hope I do get it. But even if I don’t, my experiences today only reinforced my belief that the veterinary medicine field is where my passions truly lie. I wrote a really nice thank you letter/card to the hiring manager and staff thanking them for such an awesome opportunity and positive experience. I’m going to drop it off tomorrow after work. 🙂

On a similar note, Bosley went to the vet today for a teeth cleaning and minor surgery to have a possibly cancerous mass removed. The mass removal went just fine, but Dr. Midlarsky called me in the middle of the teeth cleaning to basically let me know that his teeth were rotting out of his head and that there were some that just fell out and others he was going to have to extract. They extracted 5 total, I think a couple fell out during the cleaning process, and there are three more that will probably have to come out sometime in the future. The Dr. said he must have a hereditary predisposition for periodontal disease and I do everything I’m supposed to. It just happens sometimes. Once his mouth is fully healed in about 2-3 weeks, I have to start brushing his teeth everyday or every other day. That should prove to be a super awesome challenge. Anyway, he’s home now and resting comfortably with his super awesome conehead collar. He ate all of his dinner that I hid his bizillion pills in, so that’s good. He’s definitely a snaggletooth now.

And finally on to today’s picture….

The girls at work made me do it.

The girls at work made me do it.

This is to my office ladies. They are making me post this picture. It all started with Momma G. having a cough and me running around the office with my H1N1 mask on pretending like we were all gonna get the bacon flu. Momma G. doesn’t have the pig flu, so no worries. I was just being incredibly stupid. That’s pretty much how my days go, actually. It’s normal. So here’s to you girlies. Also especially for Amy since tomorrow is her last day. I’m gonna miss you super mucho, lady pants. Alright, ya’ll. I’m falling asleep. I think I’ll leave you with some of the wisest words I’ve ever heard in my life. According to Amy, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him put on a bikini. Food for thought! Night!!