Are you as tired as I am on this day 14 of 365, blog fans?

Not so interesting day at work today. I finished all my non-pay EOBS and writeoffs. I took my 2nd Anatomy and Physiology test and scored a 92. It’s not a 100, but it’s still an A, so I’m ok with that. I also wrote a new blog entry for mine and Scott’s veganism blog. It’s a shout out to my friends at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary! Check it out!

So that was pretty much my day…..How boring is that? I did come home and practice guitar for a bit before dinner. Which brings me to the photo of the day…

It still needs work.

It still needs work.

I’m watching the rest of last night’s episode of Dexter and then I’m going to sleep. AM gym in the morning! See ya’ll tomorrow. (Did you figure it out?? The new tagline?)