Happy Tuesday, friends. Today is day 15 of 365!

I’m writing today’s entry from a circa 1970’s recliner in Scott’s mancave. Yes, I’m allowed inside it if I behave myself. He did a lot of work today. He tore down this stupid partition (we have no idea why it was there in the first place) and moved the fridge beside the stove. Our ultimate goal is to one day turn that refrigerator into a keggerator (sp?), complete with taps on the side so we can have draft beer at the bar. He also did a lot of other things around the house today. That makes him super awesome 🙂

We brought Shake down to the mancave so he could have some hangout time too. Currently he is talking to and showing his wings to Yuna. He likes her more than he likes us and she doesn’t even do anything for him. I don’t really get it. Oh well. She makes him happy, and that’s what matters.

So my day was….well, slow. I’m sure you could figure that out from the title of today’s entry though. Scott and I got up early and went to the gym before work this morning. I slept like crap last night and almost ripped off my toe in the wee hours of the morning walking through the bedroom in the dark. Needless to say, it was a real effort on my part to get out of bed. I usually feel super invigorated after AM gym, but this morning, all I wanted to do was go back to bed.I finished all of my work super fast. I tried to study some today, but didn’t get very far…I kept almost falling asleep. I actually am not sure where a lot of my day went…I think I was just in a stupor. Oh, and still no job call yet. Keep thinking happy thoughts for me, please!

After work I headed to the allergist to get my allergy shots…which took forever. My appointment was at 5:10 and I didn’t get my shots until 5:30. Not cool. People make appointments for a reason. Then I ran by Hannaford for a couple of food items we needed to make dinner. Scott made one of my favorite dishes, Tofu with Nectarines. It is soooo good. I helped a little, too. (As soon as I’m finished here, I’m going to post the recipe on our vegan blog, so check it out!) Which finally brings me to the photo of the day:

Always waiting

Always waiting

As we were cooking, all 4 dogs were patiently waiting for us to drop something. How pathetic is that? And Bosley is all creeping in the background like the old man he is. Speaking of Bosley, he’s feeling much better between the teeth being extracted and the treatment for lyme. He’s asleep in the recliner next to me. So that’s it for today I think. I’m going to head on over to our veganism blog to post that recipe and pictures to go along with it. I hope everyone gets some good sleep tonight. See ya’ll tomorrow.