It’s day 17 of 365, friends! Hope your day was excellent!

Mine was…busy.

Worked all day of course, and I actually had stuff to do because it was the beginning of the fiscal year and there was money to post. I also had my ENT followup this afternoon. We scheduled my surgery for November 13. I’m having my tonsils removed and limited sinus surgery to clean out my sinuses and remove the polyps I have. Apparently it is harder on adults and the recovery time is about 10 days. So not yay for that. But yay for feeling better after I recover!!

After work, I went to Flannery and got my paperwork for my drug screening. Then I drove to the clinic and took care of that. I feel like drug screenings are such a dramatic process. But I guess that’s how they should be.

When I got home, I got a pot of chili going, took care of the animals and attended my online A & P class whilst balancing the checkbook and paying bills. I took a break to help Scott carry his new TV in. While I was back in the office attending my online class, Scott went down to install his new tv in his bar room. But then!…

ALEX!! HURRY!! HELP!! Uh oh! I ran downstairs to find water spraying EVERYWHERE (and getting on the tv a little) I rescued the tv. Scott got the hot water turned off. He accidentally drilled a hole in a pipe…the stud finder said the stud was there. He was literally like one inch off. So we hauled ourselves off to Home Depot thinking we could fix it ourselves…but we were wrong. So we ended up calling a plumber out a 9 at night. He was nice though. He finally got it fixed. So yay. That was definitely an adventure.

So I took today’s picture as I was leaving work this afternoon. The clouds were rolling in all around and it was getting super dark. They looked pretty cool, so I pulled over and hopped out of my car to take a couple of pictures. All of a sudden, some guy comes up to me and demands to know what I’m doing. He introduced himself as the chief installment security officer. I was just like, dude, I’m taking a picture. And he wanted to know what of and why. “The sky. I promise. See? It’s cool right? I write a photoblog.” And then he wanted to know where I worked and he gave me his card, blah blah blah. I don’t understand what or if I did anything wrong…since when is it a crime to take a picture on post? Hundreds of tourists do it every single day. Does he harass them to? I wonder if he knows you can see all of West Point on google earth? It was so stupid. Anyway, here’s the picture:

Storm clouds

Storm clouds

So there it is. What all the fuss was about. That guy seriously needs to get a hobby. He doesn’t own the sky. And now I’m going to bed. I’m just totally wiped out. I’ll see y’all tomorrow.