Hello fellow humans. Today is day 18 of 365! It is also thankfully Friday.

And I’m exhausted. I think mine and Scott’s escapades yesterday wore me out and I’ve been pretty tired all day. I did my work work, did some blog work, went to the gym, and then Scott and I came home and ate a frozen Amy’s vegan pizza and watched our tv shows that we missed last night. And now I’m talking to you guys, texting my mother, and I’m going to paint my nails. Then, I’m definitely going to sleep and if anyone makes me get up before I’m ready I’m going to punch them. Ok, well I’m not because I don’t condone violence, but you get the idea. I’ll be kind of peeved. Oh by the way, Scott managed to get his tv mounted today all by himself. So YAY! TV at the Beaver Bar. (Don’t tell him I called it that. He won’t like it.)

Ok, picture of the day:

One of my beautiful gerbera daisy plants

One of my beautiful gerbera daisy plants

I like plants…as if you didn’t already know this about me. This is one of my gerbera daisy plants. I bought this one from Hannaford and it was the sorriest looking plant at the time. It’s not anymore. I had to bring them all in because it’s been getting too cold at night already. Now I’m just trying to find places all over the house for all the potted plants I kept outside all summer. It’s kind of ridiculous. I need a greenhouse or something. Anyway. I just think it’s pretty and I wanted to share with you. And now I’m feeling my bed time. Goodnight everyone! See y’all tomorrow!