Hello my friends! Today is day 22 of 365!

I feel like life has been going super well lately. Really. I have an awesome new job that I’ll be starting any day now. My relationship with my husband is fantastic. We’ve found ourselves surrounded with some really good friends lately. Our house is really starting to become a home. We’re absolutely loving being vegan and the way it makes us feel. Life is good.

Well…except this past week it seems. Remember the hole in the water pipe? There was that adventure. And my car breaking down yesterday on my drive home. That was great, too. I was hoping it wasn’t anything big. But guess what…it was huge. My timing belt broke and because of the type of engine my car has, all of the valves in my cam shaft are bent. So…that means that they have to take my engine apart, put new valves, new water pump, new timing belt, and a myriad of other things in my car. The price I was quoted for the repair was $2200.  I had the mechanic check to see if it was even worth fixing. The good news is my car is worth between $3000 & $4000 fixed. So it definitely is worth repairing. The $2200 price tag is stomach churning to say the least, but I think I would have thrown up if I had found out we were going to have to purchase a new vehicle. We REALLY cannot afford a car payment right now. $$ is tight as it is around here. So…yes we have to shell out some major $. At least I don’t have to add a car payment to the stack of monthly bills. I should have my car back in about a week. I hate that, but I’ll take what I get I guess.

On to today’s photo. To try to take my mind off my car, I decided to make an elaborate recipe Kendra found for me online. It’s an Emeril recipe for Brown Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash. It was truly a beautiful meal to make. Unfortunately I didn’t super like how it tasted. It wasn’t bad. It just was bland. Scott really enjoyed it though, so I’m not going to give up on it. I definitely enjoyed the squash itself. I’m going to try altering the recipe a bit. This is where you guys come in. I’m going to post the recipe on our vegan blog and ask my readers to suggest alterations. So please stop by and help me out! Here’s a photo of the finished product. Isn’t it pretty?

Wish this tasted as fancy as it looked

Wish this tasted as fancy as it looked

Alright, guys. Going to bed. We’re going to the gym in the morning before work. See ya’ll tomorrow!