It’s day 27 of 365, loves. Hope your Sunday was swell!

I just finished making chicken fried seitan hotwings for the first time ever….well, it’s the first time i’ve ever even made seitan. It was a complicated process, but the end result was amazing. My mouth is still on fire. I’m going to post the recipe and pictures tomorrow on our vegan blog. Make sure to check it out. If you make them I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Scott’s mancave is officially up and running. The fridge is plugged in. The satellite dish is hooked up to the tv. Now it’s time to watch tv and drink beer at the bar!! YAY!

Anyway, I’ve got a super headache, so I’m going to get off here. Today’s picture is of our cat, Carl. He’s trying out for the part of “Basement Cat”. What do y’all think? Well, I guess that’s it! See y’all tomorrow!

Carl is the epitome of black cat.

Carl is the epitome of black cat.