Hello my little blog readers. It is day 29 of 365! How did we get here so fast???!!?

Well, it was my first evening shift at the animal hospital today! It went really well. I feel like I fit right in with the staff there. I really like that feeling of already belonging somewhere. It’s amazing. I helped cath a kitty who had a blockage in his urinary tract…um…I did a poop sample and helped with some lab work…and did some laundry, wrapped surgical kits and put them in the autoclave…lots of fun stuff šŸ™‚ I can’t wait for work on Friday!!

Also, I’m really tired. I worked my regular shift at my full time job followed by a 3 hour shift at the animal hospital, so that was pretty much a 12 hour day right there. I’m going to be going to sleep very, very soon. I’ve had sinus issues all day today: sinus pressure/headache, and perpetual sneezing and nose blowing. So today’s picture basically represents my entire day. Enjoy it and I’ll see y’all tomorrow for the Regina Spektor special!

sneeze, blow nose, hand sanitizer, repeat.