It’s day 33 of 365, peeps. Yesterday was day 32.

Sorry I didn’t get to post a photo yesterday. I worked both jobs, came home, ate and took a shower, and passed out…until about 1 am when I went to pick Scott up from West Point after they got back from the Yankee’s game.

Today has been busy. I finally got my car back from the shop yesterday, so I took it to vacuum and clean it out this morning. Then I ran a bunch of errands. I found a couple of bar stools for the man cave at Goodwill. That was a surprise 🙂 I also met Brian and Scott at Flannery to visit Kate Moss the greyhound who is hospitalized there right now. And then I came home and continued to work on the laundry I started this morning, do the dishes, etc. I’m going to make vegan hotwings for dinner tonight, too! I’m looking forward to that!

So for yesterday and today’s photos I give you Ms. Kate Moss. I love her and I hope she feels better soon!

Sleepy Girl

Gimme a cookie!