It’s day 34 of 365, my loves.

Today was my first full day shift at the animal hospital. It was a pretty slow day. It was a sad day too. We had a cat come in for urinating outside of his litterbox and was diagnosed with diabetes. It’s not a super big thing to treat. The owner decided to euthanize it because he didn’t want to deal with it. Poor beautiful cat. And I was the one who held him while he got his injection. Saddest thing ever. I did cry a little. I’m going to have to deal with it though. It’s a normal part of the job. Sadface.

I’m also still really worried about Kate. I hope this treatment goes well. Another sadface.

And finally, the picture of the day. This is Lisa’s dog Sophie. She kept us company at work today. I’m super exhausted now though so take care and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!