It’s day 36 of 365! I’m 10% complete with my year long project!!

I worked both jobs today. Thankfully, Scott took me out for lunch so that I got to spend some time with him. Otherwise, I would have only gotten to see him while he was asleep. Work at job #1 was pretty uneventful except for the photocopier messing up while I was trying to copy a HUGE batch of checks. That was super annoying.  Work at the animal hospital was pretty busy, and time went by quickly. I practiced restraining on a tiny pekingnese (who was VERY squirmy), watched a cat surgery, gave some pups some meds, and took Kate Moss out to potty. She’s doing better today. Her protein came up a whole point which is great. And of course she’s starring in today’s blog again. So I now present you with today’s photo. It’s Kate. Without her IV. Doing much better! Send her your love and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

Total super model