It’s day 38 of 365, lovelies. Aren’t you glad it’s almost Friday?!

Work today was very uneventful. Just posted a batch and sent it off. The photocopier is still not working, so I can’t do that part of the job today, I guess. Scott took me out to lunch and that was sweet. I’m looking forward to t.v. cuddles tonight. I went to the commissary after work since we’re pretty much out of food at our house, lol. Don’t know what’s for dinner yet though. I am, however, trying my hand at vegan brownies tonight. Wish me luck!

On my way home from the grocery store, I saw a tiny old Dodge Dakota with a dad and two kids inside. It reminded me of my dad driving me and my sister around in his tiny Toyota and made me smile. I would have taken a picture had I not been driving. I went outside at work today and took a few fall pictures. I need to remember to bring my good camera instead of just my cell phone. I want to go over to trophy point and take some good fall Hudson River pictures. So here is one of those photos! Enjoy it and the rest of your evening and i’ll see y’all tomorrow!