It’s day 39 of 365, folks! Happy Friday to you!

Pretty long day today. I worked my normal job followed by my job at the animal hospital. Which it totally cool. Except I’ve got a sinus infection so I don’t feel super great. That’s ok though. Joyce called me in a zpack today and I should be feeling mucho better in about 5 days šŸ™‚

I’m pretty tired and I’m gonna hit they hay soon. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. 1) because it’s my only day off and 2) I’m going to get a pedicure and go shopping with Kristen tomorrow morning and 3) I get to see Lily (hopefully) tomorrow afternoon and 4) Yalin’s recital is tomorrow night and so I get to see her and lots of other friends. and 5)!!! I get to spend some time with my hubby! YAY! So anyway, that’s tomorrow, so I need to rest up now.

So on to today’s photo. This is a little pit puppy that is up for adoption through the City of Newburgh Animal Shelter. We have her at the office because she was recently spayed. Totally sweet and adorable and loves EVERYONE and loves to play play play. I want my friend Kendra to adopt her. I love her. So enjoy this sweet pup and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

Adorably sweet pit pup