It’s day 40 of 365, weekend friends! Hope your weekend is going wonderfully so far!

Today was a busy one for me. It started with the dog pile in the bed at 8am. It was wonderful 🙂 Next, I made breakfast for Scott and myself. It was delicious scrambled tofu ( ) Then, Kristen and I went to get a pedicure 🙂 It was lovely. I got mine painted purple with a spider web and spider on my big toe for Halloween. Next, we went to the liquor store and then on to Monroe to go to Target and the Halloween store. No luck in finding Scott a costume. I did get the makeup i needed for mine though 🙂 I also got Scott a set of four beer mugs for his bar. They’re pretty awesome. Mine and Kristen’s outing ended at the Indian Restaurant for their lunch buffet. It was super awesome. Until I realized as we were leaving that I must have eaten something with curry in it. I’m allergic to curry. I’m still itching. I’ve taken a total of 5 benadryl (over the last 8 hours) and it’s not really doing much. I am really hoping that it’s gone by the morning and that I’m able to sleep tonight. It’s really more annoying than anything. My skin itches, my eyeballs itch, the inside of my mouth and back of my throat, and even my insides itch. Gah! Why do I have to be allergic to something so delicious? 😦

We also went to Yalin’s piano recital this evening, and she did a super awesome job. Also, her dress was rockin’!! When we got home, I baked some zucchini bread and got the crockpot all ready for chili tomorrow. That way I can just turn it on when I head to work in the morning. So…I’m going to head to bed now so that I’ll be well rested for my 10 hour shift tomorrow. I’m including two pictures today. One of me and Kristen at the nail salon and another of Kristen in the parking lot at the Indian restaurant. There was a total of 1 car in the parking lot other than ours and she still somehow managed to not park in a parking space. So of course I took a picture. So enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!!

Me and Kristen :)

Kristen's stupid ass parking job.