It’s day 44 of 365, my soggy friends (soggy because it’s been raining here like Forks, Washington or something. Not because I think all of you walk around being damp and whatnot.)

Pretty normal work Wednesday. Also got a chapter of my math done while I was on break. Woo hoo…Math. Then I came home, Scott and I had a quick dinner, and it was off to Kristen’s for a pumpkin carving party. We also baked up all the pumpkin seeds so we would have a tasty treat after we finished! I just got home a few minutes ago, let the dogs out, fed the cats, and then had to go find the girls because they got out of the yard yet again. And this time they wandered all the way down the street. Silly dogs. I was way worried, but of course they came back after a couple of minutes of calling them. And now I’m in bed typing this about to fall asleep. Oh! My mom also just sent me a big box of all of her old scrubs! Now I actually have more than two pair! How exciting! Anyway, for the photo(s) of the day, I wanted to share our pumpkins! Have a good night and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

Everybody's pumpkins!

From L to R: Scott, Alex, Eric, Kristen

She even has 3D cat ears!

My Kitty Pumpkin with Ears!!

Scott's Pumpkin

Scott's Tough Pumpkin