It’s day 45 of 365, ladies and gents! And it’s Thursday! Which means it’s almost Friday!

My day started off with me running behind because I overslept. Luckily I made it to work on time, just without coffee. I didn’t really need it anyway because I think it would have made me sick. Not feeling so great today. Once I got here it was work work work all day. I had to go to the eye doctor at lunch to get my eyes checked so I could renew my drivers license. Guess what, I’m not blind, yay!! Still have perfect vision, which is awesome. Did you know drivers license renewal here is $80.50 because it’s an 8 year renewal. That’s still ridiculous, I think.

Tonight, I made chicken fried seitan for dinner. Then I made Halloween ghost brownies for my Halloween parties tomorrow. Do you like them? I know it’s not much excitement for today, but there is guaranteed to be more tomorrow with working both jobs and then heading over to Kristen’s for a party. Look for pictures!! Enjoy the Ghostly Brownies and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

ghost brownie :)