Yesterday was day 46 and today is day 47 of 365! Today is also Halloween!!

Sorry for not being able to post yesterday’s photo yesterday. I went from job #1 to job#2 to Halloween party to bed. I did take pictures though! We had a nice Halloween breakfast/brunch at job #1 yesterday followed by people bringing crazy food to the vets office last night. I got bit last night at work, but luckily it didn’t break the skin. The dog got excited when I was giving it it’s medicine in a pill pocket and it snatched it from me.  We also had to put a really sweet kitty to sleep because she was in renal failure. So sad. After work, I got ready and headed to Kristen’s for her Halloween party that was already in progress. Everyone had great costumes. Mine turned out pretty good too. Then I came home and passed out (not really, just fell asleep).

This morning, I don’t think I got out of bed until 10. I drove over to the Newburgh animal shelter to see about adopting garbage bin kitty that we treated at the animal hospital, but apparently there’s been an outbreak of feline distemper at the shelter, so all cats are on quarantine until November 7th (as long as no other cats pass away). I felt so sorry for the lady that works there. She seemed to distraught that they were losing so many animals to the virus. I’m glad I don’t work there because that would kill me. So I guess I’ll call on the 7th and see if she made it and see if she’s still available for adoption. Scott and I went to pick up his truck from Kristen’s and we ran by the grocery store to get a little Halloween candy to hand out and some stuff for dinner. I made “hotwings” again for dinner, and I’ve already run out of candy. I feel a little bit bad, but it’s mostly bigger kids now. I got to see all the little ones in their costumes, which is definitely my favorite part. The adolescent boys seemed intrigued by Scott’s jack-o-lantern because he used a real cigar in it’s mouth. I came out to find a couple of them saying, “But dude! It’s a REAL cigar. REAL!” and I followed that with, “Yes, it’s real, and soaking wet, so it’s not at all smokable.” Kids are funny. I also fell up the steps this afternoon and somehow managed to split the tip of my toe open. I have no idea how I did it. It bled everywhere and it still hurts…like whoah. Scott helped me clean it up. He was  all proud that I didn’t cry. I was surprised myself. Tonight is daylight savings time. I’m glad for that, so that I can have an extra hour of sleep. I need it.

I guess I’ll show you all some pictures now, since that’s what you came here for and all! Have a good night. Have a happy and SAFE Halloween! I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

1920's Flapper

1920's Flapper

He's praying for a good time.

Swinger Monk

No prohibition here!

The Flapper and the Monk meet.