It’s day 48 of 365, blog friends! Happy Sunday!

Well, I’m a dog bite virgin no longer. A very nice German Shepard  nipped my arm because I accidentally touched his foot when I was trying to reconnect his IV catheter. I didn’t even realize he had bitten me until I got back to the treatment room. I thought he had just hit me hard with his E collar. I felt like a total douche because the poor dog didn’t do anything wrong and I didn’t want to have to report it and freak the owner out and everything. But he broke the skin, so we had to follow protocol. The owner felt mega bad. So did I. I reassured him that everything was ok and his dog was a good dog.

I also happened to see the cutest puppy in the universe today. It was a golden retriever…the chubbiest one I’ve ever seen. I got to cuddle him and he gave me puppy kisses. I wanted to just run out the door with him and bring him home. Obviously I couldn’t, but I did have Jess take my picture with him. So, that is what I’ll leave you with today! Enjoy this pup and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!!!

*Today’s photo deleted for confidentiality purposes*