It’s day 50 of 365, my little chickadees. How is your Tuesday so far?

Another day in the neighborhood here. Nothing exciting at all happened at job #1. I did manage to mail a birthday card to my grandmother and I got a giant gatorade to tend to my dehydration hangover (little one.) due to last night’s festivities.  I felt mucho better after I drank that sucker.

I also got my flu innoculation today. They wouldn’t let me get the injection like I regularly do because they are running low. They would only let me get the flu mist. I let them know I had sinius and allergy issues. They said it didn’t warrant the shot. I said, “So I have chronic sinusitis, and you want to squirt stuff up my nose?” They said, “yes.” I couldn’t not get some form of vaccine because I really don’t want the flu, so I went along with it. Flumist sucks. I’ve been blowing my nose all day because I’ve been congested, they squirt this business up there, and then tell me I can’t blow it for 20 minutes. Thankyouverymuch. Except the opposite.

At the vet hospital, things weren’t too exciting until the very end. THEN I had to help Dr. Longo put a really old dog to sleep, and I almost threw up as Kelly and I put her in her doggie coffin because of the nastiness that happened after she died. Bleck. Then Kelly and I had to get this german shepard sized dog coffin into the back of this two door sports car…we had to stand it up because the baby had a car seat back there. I felt like I was in a clown car in the circus trying to get this thing in there. After that was taken care of, a cat came in about half dead. Blood sugar was only 24. We were trying to bring him back around but the owners couldn’t afford everything that would have to be done, especially since there’s no guarantees for things like that. So, we had to put him down, too. So sad, beautiful 5 month old cat. We have no idea what made it so sick. 😦

On a lighter note, Dr. Kryger got two new Rex kittens and he’s boarding them at the hospital right now. They are cute. I’ll leave you with one of them as the photo for today. I’m mega tired, so I’m going to hit they hay. Enjoy this nakie kitty and I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow!