It’s day 53 of 365, sports fans. I’m sure most of you are glad it’s Friday.

I don’t really care one way or another. I’m mopey and snotty and had to work both places today. I also have to work all day tomorrow at the animal hospital. Which isn’t bad. Tomorrow is Dr. Lungo’s wedding and Tiffany’s birthday, so I’m working so Tiffany doesn’t have to. A lot of the staff is going to be out for Dr. Lungo’s wedding as well. Congrats, Dr. Lungo!! And Happy Birthday, Tiffany! I just hope I feel better because I’m sure Saturdays can get busy there.

I have a purring cat named Winni(fred) in my face right now trying to steal my attention away from writing this blog. She is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met in my life. I’m so glad we chose her. I bought her a couple of toys today, one of which is a laser pointer. Can I just say best invention ever?! It works well for dogs, too. We tested it out on Walter, Marla, and Carl. (OMG it’s so hard to type with a cat in my face!) Carl got so into chasing it he fell off the breakfast bar into the recycling bin!

Anyway, I’m going to give this tiny cat my full attention. Tonight’s pic is of Walter. Enjoy my cute pup, and I”ll see y’all tomorrow!