It’s day 55 of 365, kitten lovers (or maybe not kitten lovers)! I’m moving right along with this year long project.

Today, I slept in until almost 11am, which was absolutely fabulous! I had a bagel and coffee, balanced the checkbook, started laundry and then! Yardwork! I cleaned out my flowerbeds and got them ready for spring. I cleaned up my garden plot. I have lots of marigold seeds for next year! And I also mowed the backyard. To top it off, I cleaned out the shed so that I could put all of my gardening stuff in one place. I even found an electric leaf blower the previous home owner left AND it still works!

This afternoon, I continued laundry and watched Grey Gardens. It was great. I really love Drew Barrymore! Scott had a concert this afternoon, but I opted to stay home and just chill out for awhile. When he got back, we ordered Chinese. It feels so much later than it is. I’m tired! I have a lot to do tomorrow, too. I have my pre-op appointment at 12:30, I’ve got to go pick up the Scout Hut key, I start training with Christina to learn how to do her job tomorrow, and then I have a girl scout meeting. *le sigh*

On to today’s photo. I just bought a pair of crocs for work, and I absolutely love them. Scott won’t let me wear them in public, aside from work of course, but it’s definitely not stopping me from wearing them around the house. Enjoy today’s photo and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!