It’s day 57 of 365, Tuesday friends!

Still home sick today. Feeling much better though. I just have to build some strength back up and get the dizziness to go away. Did you know I’ve lost 7 lbs. since Saturday. Yeah…Gross, right?

I watched the food network for a good part of the day. It’s really weird to sit and watch tv all day. I saw some really cute commercials though. Like the Pedigree commercial where the chihuahua says, “Not only am I a good pooper, now I’m an optimum pooper!” And the Pup-peroni commercial where all the dogs carry around signs in their mouths. LOVE IT!

So, since Fred was still smelling like salad dressing and had some big mats behind her ears, I decided to give her a bath and try to get the mats out. The bath didn’t loosen them up, so I tried to cut them out. Well…I accidentally cut her ear. I barley cut it but then the skin tore 😦 So I called the animal hospital and Jaime had me bring her in. Dr. Masucci glued it back together and told me a story about himself and a pair of bandage scissors that made me feel a little better. He also was kind enough not to charge me for it. Whew! I don’t have a discount there yet! Then Carol and I blow dried her because she was still wet from her bath and we got the rest of the mats out.  Now she’s sitting here with me all fluffy and cute. She didn’t even realize she was hurt. She was purring right after it happened and the whole time the Dr. was fixing it. She’s a silly girl.

So here are today’s pictures. Both cat pictures. One is of Marla in her “beer box castle” looking all smug. The other is of Fred after I brushed her and made her all “purty” even with the cut up glued up ear. I really think she looks like a Great Horned Owl…don’t you? Enjoy the kitties and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

Marla's CastleFred, the Great Horned Owl