It’s day 59 of 365, pre-surgical friends!

Fred and I are preparing for tomorrow. Fred is just helping; she gets to stay home tomorrow. However, I have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 8 am for my tonsillectomy and sinus surgery. Yay?

Scott went to the grocery store today and got all the things I would need to survive for the next few days. He’s gonna make some kick ass homemade soups, which I’m looking forward to. Speaking of Scott, I am going to try to have him guest blog for me, at least for tomorrow, since I won’t be able to and all. I hope he agrees!

Let’s see…so far, Scott took me out for Indian to give me a nice meal since I won’t be able to eat one for awhile. Then we picked up vegan ice cream and Edy’s fruit pops at Hannaford. I took all of my nail polish off, put all my jewelry away, and took a shower. Now I’m doing this. Scott and I are going to watch our Thursday night shows and then it’s off to bed. I really hope I can sleep tonight. I’m so nervous! Anyway, today’s photo represents my preparedness for what’s to come. Enjoy and SOMEONE will see y’all tomorrow!