It’s day 62 of 365, recovery friends!

Today is take two of coming home to recover from surgery since it didn’t work so well the first time around.  I’m so glad to be home, too.  The hospital did a really great job of controlling my pain, but the stay was excruciatingly boring…especially those few hours between when my phone died and when Scott arrived this morning with the charger. Honestly, I pretty much just slept while I was there, but I guess that’s what I really needed to be doing. My doctor got there about the same time Scott did this morning and we talked about better pain medication so that I could go home. I had the option of staying another night, but it’s no good when Scott’s not allowed to stay with me. So, I did indeed get better drugs which I can supplement with otc tylenol if there is breakthrough pain and or fever. Children’s tylenol tastes like candy. I like how it tastes, but the thickness of the liquid is really weird. Is it so that if a kid knocks it over, it won’t spill instantly? Speaking of fevers, I’m running a little one. That whole time in the hospital it was normal, and then I get home and get a fever. Whatev.

Can I just say that I’m mega thankful for my husband? He is taking such good care of me and making sure that everything in the house is being taken care of too. Thank you, Sweetie! I love you! Now if I could get rid of this annoying cough (I can’t cough well, obviously), I’d be in business. Thanks to all of my friends who have offered their care and concern and keeping me in their thoughts. I really appreciate it and it makes me feel loved. As for the photos of the day, I already tweeted these, but honestly they are too good to pass up. Enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow! (Don’t forget to view the hovertext!)

This photo represents what happens when I get bored and my cell phone dies. Also, I can’t draw for shit, lol.

A veggiesaurus in the forest, munching on some broccoli thought it would be much better if only it were chocolately.

This next photo is of my lunch. I ordered applesauce and mashed potatoes as there really weren’t many veg options. So I’m expecting about a cereal bowl sized version…and instead I get a family of 4 side order. Someone somewhere is missing a side dish from their Sunday supper. I mean seriously…I can hardly swallow. How many potatoes do you think I can eat? Apparently this many:

Someone's Sunday Sidedish