It’s day 63 of 365, ladies and gents! Happy Monday to you!

Well…I suppose things are going a bit better today. Obviously I’m still having pain, but the new medicine i’m taking is helping a lot. The only thing is, I have to eat before I take it which proves to be a bit of a challenge since it hurts to swallow, which is why I need the medicine to begin with, lol. I’m supplementing it with grape tylenol too…which makes me feel like i’m eating liquid pixie sticks. I managed to eat a real meal that wasn’t soup or mashed potatoes for dinner. It was a terribly slow process, but I ate the whole damn serving. I made some small elbow macaroni with a simple marinara sauce and a small piece of garlic bread. The bread was the most challenging part, as I had to crazy chew it up. The pasta was actually really easy to eat though. And I was so hungry. It’s exactly what I wanted. Not a whole lot else happened today. I painted my nails and just watched tv. I’ve been running a fever on and off all day, so I didn’t really try to do anything productive. Plus my medicine makes me feel like I’m flying through outer space.  Anyway, This is totally boring i’m sure so I’ll go on to the photo of the day. It’s of Fred. Check out the little heart outline in the fur on her chest. She’s such a pretty girl! Enjoy this sweet kitty and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!