It’s day 64 of 365, doodle doos.

Not much went on here today. Fred had breakfast with us this morning so she could have some interaction time with the other cats. She enjoyed hanging out with Carl. He groomed her a little bit and it was super cute. I managed to get some oatmeal down this morning which was good. I couldn’t eat the facon though 😦 Oh well. It will happen in time. I tried to also do some laundry today. It took more energy than I thought it would though, so I ended up taking a pretty long nap in the middle of the day. I also accidentally dropped Scott’s socks in the toilet. It was pretty funny, but he didn’t have any more black socks, so I had to pop them in the dryer before he left. Oops! I made an artichoke and sundried tomato rotini dish from our new vegan cookbook tonight. It turned out pretty well, but I was only able to eat about half of it because swallowing is still an issue. I’m glad it was good though. So scabs in my throat are really freaking me out. They feel weird and then they come off and I end up swallowing them and it leaves the area where they once were mega raw. I DO NOT LIKE IT. I guess it means I’m healing though. So right now I’m sitting here with Scott with a cat named Fred in between us. A Fred sandwich if you will.  It’s about time to go to sleep. So I’ll leave you with my nap time pictures from today. The pups napped with me. Enjoy Kaylee and Walter and I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow!