It’s day 65 of 365, fellas. Only 300 days to go?…that seems like a lot.

Not so much went on today.  I woke up to find that Fred had decided to pee on my comforter instead of get off the bed and use her litterbox because Bosley was between her and the bathroom door. So I had to wash the comforter…again.  (she peed on it earlier this week too because the door to the bathroom somehow became shut during the night)

We were out of oatmeal so I was going to make myself some farina for breakfast (a type of hot cereal) but when I opened the brand new unopened box, it had little meal worms in it. Seriously? Why? Gross. So I had to settle for toast with butter and jam instead. Toast is one of those foods that is still difficult to eat. I made it through finally though. Then I watched Food Network and read for most of the morning and watched the dogs make total fools of themselves. I have proof in pictures that I will be posting as the photos of the day. Still only one birthday card so far. I’m waiting! You have until Saturday, peeps, lol.

I took a nap this afternoon that ended pretty roughly as I had three nightmares in a row. The first one was really confusing and involved animals. The second one involved getting drunk and coming home to an apartment with a roommate to have another roommate stab me in my jugular vein with a pair of pinking shears killing me. The third one involved the condo next to mine (in my dream) being mega haunted, people in the walls trying to nab the kids that lived in the condo, and me tyring to help them all the while yelling “tell them, tell them” (that I didn’t live there so they wouldn’t get me too). Crazy. I think it’s the pain meds. Whoah.

So I’ll leave you all with that and the photos of my dogs being idiots. This basicially depicts Yuna humping Walter while Walter is attempting to play tug of war with Kaylee…all at the same time. Enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

Walter and Kaylee tugging

Walter and Kaylee tugging

Yuna humping Walter

Yuna humpin' up on Walter

Super Amazing Doggie Threesome?

Inappropriate doggie threesome in my living room.