It’s day 66 of 365, mes amies!

I hope your Thursday is going swell so far! Mine is going pretty darn good. I’ve been a bit stir crazy today because I’m feeling better and I’d really like to get out of the house. I tried to bake zucchini bread this morning, but it didn’t turn out well and I had to throw it away. I didn’t have any loaf pans (I usually use the disposable kind and I was out) and so I tried to bake it in a casserole dish. I guess I ended up baking it too long, because it was taking forever to get the center to cook. It was too dry and too heavy. Oh well. At least I know for future reference.

This afternoon, my birthday package came from my parents and my sister! It was wonderful! I got two scarves, two pair of leg warmers, a calendar, a watch, a super cute apron, and a hilarious pot holder. There was also a really beautiful card included. YAY! Super great presents!

I decided to make something new for dinner so I found a stew recipe in one of our new cookbooks and got to cooking. It’s almost finished now. I posted the recipe on our vegan blog, so check it out!  On to the photos of the day!

I always post pictures of Walter and Kaylee, but hardly ever post any of Yuna and Bosley, so I managed to get some cute ones of them today. I also took a picture of the cute pot holder my parents sent! Enjoy the pics and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!!

Bosley Lounging on a Pillow

Yuna, posing on the couch

It says, "Dam good cook" and it has a beaver on it.