It’s day 67 of 365, my beautiful friends and family!

Wow, today has been kind of crazy. I stayed up for the majority of the night last night trying to help a friend figure out who is sabotaging her life…we still haven’t figured it out but I think it will be solved very soon. And the good thing is she’s dealing with it ok. The sad thing is, she put in her 2 week notice at work today because she can’t deal with the drama that takes place at our workplace. Not to mention the black cloud that hangs over our building…that place is definitely evil. I am so happy that her husband got to come home from the hospital today, too! Get well soon, Ed!

Speaking of two week notices…I was officially offered a full time position at Flannery this afternoon. I start full time there the second week of December, so my last day at my current full time job will be December 4th. I was hoping that they would still offer it to me eventually, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I’m glad they like me enough to have me full time ! Yay, I’m so excited!

After I woke up from a nap this afternoon, Scott gave me my birthday gifts! He did such a super awesome job picking them out! He bought me my very own deck of tarot cards. I have a beginners deck, but I just bought them for myself just to start learning. I was told that your true reading deck is supposed to be given to you. So now I have a gifted deck and I can’t wait to learn to use them. He also bought me a beautiful necklace/earring gift set. The main stone in the necklace is jasper and the small stones are tigers eye. The earrings are also tigers eye. They are fantastic and I love them!

Scott and I just got back from Hannaford and taco bell. We went to see if we could buy a pre made birthday cake, but they don’t sell pre-made vegan cakes at Hannaford. So we had to buy a cake mix and an icing mix, and he is going to help me make the cake tomorrow. I’ll makes sure to take a picture of it.

Anyway, on to today’s photos. One is of Fred…depicting her favorite way of sleeping. The other is of my new necklace that Scott bought me for my birthday. Enjoy the photos and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Fred likes to sleep as close to my head as she possibly can

Jasper and Tigers eye choker