It’s day 68 of 365, party friends! Today is also my 25th birthday!! Yay!

I had to make my own cake today because Hannaford does not sell already made vegan cakes. But that’s ok because mine ended up being super awesome and better than and ole Hannaford cake anyway 😛

Scott and I hung out today, and it was a nice calm day. Bosley went to the groomer. He looks soooo much better now! And then a few friends came over and we went out to dinner at JAK, a Japanese and Korean restaurant in Newburgh. Dinner was great. We had hibachi and did sake bombs! Lots of fun! And then we headed back here for birthday cake! YAY! That’s pretty much my day, not too much going on here, lol. But I’ll make sure to include pictures of today’s festivities! Have a great night and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

Me at JAK for my 25th birthday.

Home Made Vegan Birthday Cake

Blowing out my candles