It’s day 69 of 365, my beautiful friends.

And a very happy Sunday evening to you all. I hope you all have had a splendid weekend. Mine was pretty good. Obviously yesterday was my birthday. Today was spent wandering around the house. I wrote thank you notes to everyone who sent me birthday gifts…and wouldn’t you know I was one stamp short. So I guess I’ll be going to the post office tomorrow. I also cleaned out Levon and She-ra’s aquarium to ready it for a new fishy tomorrow since Levon died last week. I had to wash our comforter again because some little kitty peed on it…again. She was doing really well, but we had a slip up. I’m going to keep working with her though. I also got to speak to my aunt and uncle on the phone for awhile, which was nice. We usually only talk through email because we are all so busy, so it was really good to have an actual real time conversation with them. I also redeemed my Amazon gift card that Scott’s aunt sent me for my birthday…I’ve been “shopping” for 3 days now, adding things to my cart and then deleting them. I finally decided on 3 cookbooks I’ve been wanting : Moosewood Restaurant New Classics, the Veganomicon, and Witch in the Kitchen. I also bought 2 new scrub tops and a pair of scrub pants. I’m going to need them now that I’ll be starting full time at the animal hospital in two weeks. I really wanted a pair of boots, but I had a hard time deciding online…I think I’m just going to have to buy them when I can try them on and walk around in them. I have a little bit of birthday money left, so maybe I can put that towards some cool boots.

Something I’ve been thinking about all day is how I really wish I could have spent my birthday with my family and my closest girlfriends. Everyone is just so far away or too busy. My perfect birthday would have also included Robin, Kim, Lily, Donna, Debbie, Nancy, Kendra, and my family. I miss you guys so much. Let’s all see each other soon, at least as soon as we can, ok?

For those of you who may not know, I’m Wiccan. I don’t talk about it much, so unless you know me in real life, you may have had no idea. I practice using many elements of paganism as well as elements taken from other world religions including Native American beliefs, Buddhism, Hinduism, and others. I don’t belong to a coven, but rather practice on my own. I’m very proud of my beliefs, and it has taken me a very long time to find where I belong and feel comfortable admitting so. It was hard for me because I grew up in a very strong Christian area where other beliefs were strongly looked down upon. Thankfully, my parents believe that children should always ask questions and choose their own beliefs. My mother is one of my biggest pillars of support even though she herself is still Christian. I believe that all personal religious/spiritual beliefs are valid and that everyone should find something to believe in, even if it is just themselves. I try to always stay open minded and I LOVE learning about others’ beliefs. If you’d like to talk about yours sometime, I’m all ears 🙂

So, my biggest feats of the day were reassembling my altar and some difficult spellwork…I haven’t set my altar back up since we moved to this house. I really like having it out in the open again. I’m not sure about the location, but it will do for now. I would also like to have a taller table to set it up on and some new altar cloths…Somehow mine got lost in the move. The spell I was working on today involved 1)writing it (which isn’t all that easy, especially when it needed to be for something really specific and it had to rhyme) 2) hollowing out a piece of nutmeg to seal the spell in (I managed to cut my finger and bleed all over the nutmeg in the process, but I’ll be darned if I was going to start all over again because I was almost finished when this happened) 3) and carving certain phrases into the anointed candle and using the wax to seal the paper with the spell inside the piece of nutmeg. So now the candle is burning (it has to burn until it dies out…and it’s pretty big because I asked for some pretty big help) and the nutmeg is buried where the moonlight touches the earth. Whew! That took a long time and it took a lot out of me. Therefore, I really really really hope my magic works. Because the person the spell is for totally deserves it. So if you want, think happy thoughts to maybe help send it along its way to the God and Goddess. I (& the person its for) would super appreciate it.

So anyway, that was my day. And now, there is one more piece of birthday cake with my name on it…and it’s calling to me. So I’m going to go eat that. My photo today is of my altar. I’m mega proud of it. (and I just want to say here that if you don’t agree with my beliefs, please remember that this is my blog and I will post freely here without fear of being mocked or judged by my readers. So please, if you don’t have something nice to say, I would appreciate if you kept it to yourself) Enjoy it and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!