It’s day 70 of 365, children of Earth.

I hope your Monday was super fantastic. Mine was pretty boring. TPOCS (the computer program I use to do 90% of my work) was down for most of the day, so I pretty much felt that my existence was useless. I was also very, very tired and sleepy today because I only got 3 hours of sleep last night…I don’t wish that feeling on anyone. It sucked. I also discovered that due to being so tired, yawning is still very uncomfortable for the the throat/tonsil area. Very very uncomfortable.

I got a really cute birthday gift from Audra today! She gave me this little ceramic sheep that I can dress up for different times of the year and it sits on my desk. Right now she is dressed up as a turkey, lol.

After work, I went to petsmart and got myself a new beta fish since Levon is no longer with us. I will include a picture. Her name is Scarlett. And that is pretty much my day. I’m waiting for the Titans game to start right now, but I’m honestly not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to stay awake. So here are today’s photos, my dress up sheep and my new fish, Scarlett. Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!