It’s day 72 of 365! It is also Thanksgiving-eve.

So today was work of course. Our commander gave us the 59 minute rule, so I got to leave work an hour early. That was nice because I got to get to the grocery store that much earlier. Amazingly, I was able to find every single thing I needed at the commissary, which is the first time I ever think that has happened. Once I got home, Scott helped my put away the groceries and I baked my very first pumpkin pie ever. I just had a slice and I must say it turned out pretty darned good. There are probably a couple of things I want to do to tweak it the next time I make it, but overall, I really like it. The recipe is eventually going to go up on our vegan blog along with all of the other awesome recipes I’m planning on making tomorrow (as long as they turn out well, hahaha).

So…Scott and I were talking about starting our own family traditions. He doesn’t like the idea of Thanksgiving because of what actually happened with the Native Americans. I kind of agree. But I also enjoy celebrating with family over awesome food. So we’ve come to the agreement that until we have children of our own or unless we are celebrating with our families, we are not allowed to call it Thanksgiving. This year, we’re calling it “Non-turkey drinking day”. He also wants to start a tradition of going to the bar of the evening of Thanksgiving after dinner and football. I kind of like that idea. 🙂 I hope that we can continue to add to our traditions year after year. I love to make new memories, especially with the people I love.

Anyway, today’s photo is of my awesome pumpkin pie. Oh yeah, and of course it’s vegan! Everybody commute safely to your destinations tomorrow, and be careful in the kitchen 😉 Have a great night and I’ll see ya’ll on Thanksgiving!