It’s day 76 of 365, folks!

I’m so glad to be home this evening. We weren’t super busy at work today, but it was a bit emotional. I wasn’t in the best of mood when I came in this morning anyway, and then I had to assist with three euthanasias. They were all old and ready to cross, but it was still difficult, especially when the owners want to stay and they get mega emotional and ask continually for justification from the vet to put the animal to sleep. It’s probably harder on me too because I’m such an empath, and I get it from both ends: the owner and the animal. I saw an animal give it’s owner permission to let go today and she still persisted.

On a brighter note, I had a nice time with the ladies at work today.  Lisa brought in her baby rats and they were adorable. They are my photo of the day 🙂 But before that, Scott helped me make a super delicious dinner of hotwings and roasted red potatoes. Yummm. I’m full and watching Dexter now. So tonight, there isn’t a super message to deliver. Just love your family and you pets and have a great week!! See y’all tomorrow!

Baby ratties!