It’s day 77 of 365, online shoppers!

I’m sitting here at my desk (yes, I still use my desktop pc instead of my macbook sometimes…especially when eating is involved) eating bean burritos at 10:30pm. We just came from the Golden Rail and before that had a nice session with a spiritual shaman. He is helping Scott get his shit straight and helping me reach my potential as an animal healer. He gave me some ideas to help ground myself while helping animals cross (so did my friend Kim, and I really appreciate it). He also told me about a vet in the area that does holistic medicine as well as standard veterinary medicine, and I would be really interested in learning about that. He is ALSO going to give me the name of a reiki master/teacher that can teach me reiki for animals. That would be really great.

So did you guys find any good deals in your cyber Monday adventures? I actually only made 2 purchases today, one of which was Scott’s “big” gift. I got free shipping on it too, which was awesome. Both purchases were for him. I picked out items for other people today too, but I haven’t bought them yet.  I’m finding it more difficult this year to choose specific things for people. I usually never have this problem. I don’t really know what the deal is.

Anyway, it’s getting late and I’m sleepy. Today’s photo was taken tonight at the Golden Rail. It’s mine and Scott’s “place”. We really like it. And…they have free wifi, which is cool. If you’ve ever watched the movie “Super Troopers” , it’s the bar where the guy takes the row of shots while the kids who are tripping are out in the back of the police car. Yeah. That one. Enjoy it, and I’ll see y’all tomorrow. If these burritos don’t kill me first. “This burrito is good, but it is filling.”