It’s day 78 of 365, kitten lovers!

I hope your Tuesday was incredible. Mine was pretty laid back. I had a chance to catch up on writing my holiday cards this afternoon which was nice. I feel like sending cards and hand written letters has become a lost art. Everyone relies too much on email and text messaging anymore. I love to get mail (the good kind, not bills) so I always send holiday cards, thank you notes, birthday cards, etc. because I hope that someone will return the favor. I also got some more Christmas shopping done…I think I only have 3 or 4 people to buy for now, so that’s good. It’s all stuff that I can get in the stores around here, so I won’t have to pay shipping. Now it’s just a matter of getting to the store 🙂

My photo of the day is of the puppy that I had my picture taken with awhile back. He was sick so he’s chillin’ out at the vet getting some fluids tonight. He’s already feeling better. So enjoy his conehead cuteness and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

*Today’s picture deleted for confidentiality purposes*