It’s day 80 of 365, one and all!

And a happy Thursday to you! Sorry I’m getting this up so late tonight (that’s what she said)! I had to work at the animal hospital this evening, and then Scott and I watched our Thursday night tv shows. I’m definitely ready for bed now, but of course I have to finish this first.

I’m sitting here with Fred. I’ve got socks tied into my wet hair because I read in a magazine today that it will make sexy waves in my hair once it dries…so I guess we’ll find out if it’s true in the morning. I hope it is. I look amazing ridiculous right now and I don’t want it to all be for nothing.

So, I found out this evening that my best friend in the whole wide world is having a baby girl! That’s my god-daughter!! I’m so excited and happy and proud for  you guys! I love you Robin and Steven!!!! I can’t wait to meet her! *does a little dance*

On to today’s photo. I took this this morning. It had just finished raining and it almost looked a little bit like a tornado was going to form. Obviously it didn’t but look at the crazy clouds. The rain this morning woke me up before the alarm did. It was monsooning! And now I’ve got mud all over the tile and wood floors due to four little doggies I know. Boo. The weather here is so bizarre. Yesterday when I left for work, it was 26 degrees out. This morning it was 60. Mother Nature is trying to kill me.

Anyway, I’ve got to get some sleep. It’s my last day working both jobs tomorrow. I’m excited for the future, but sad to not be working with my lovely basement friends any longer. And I hate that I’m not going to get to see Kendra everyday. 😦

So, enjoy this stormy weather pic. I’m off to dream land. I’ll see y’all tomorrow!