It’s day 81 of 365, my loves.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Friday. Mine was a day filled with mixed emotions. Today was my last day at Keller, which leaves me with divided feelings. I am really glad that I’m able to finally move on into my career path, but I”m really sad that I’m leaving some great people behind. Obviously they are still going to be my friends, but I’m not going to get to see their faces as often as I’d like. Kendra brought breakfast in this morning for the office, and then she took me to lunch this afternoon. She is truly one of my best friends and I’m so glad to have met her. We also played with our collection of toys we’ve accumulated. It was bad. and xrated. and hilarious.

Today was also sad because I help put a good friend’s dog to sleep this evening. She was sick and ready but it doesn’t really make it any easier to say goodbye to someone you love. I hope that I helped her cross and I hope that I helped Brian. RIP Kate Moss. You were a super excellent dog and friend.

So I’m sad. and I’m drinking beer. and I’m not with Brian and our other friends right now and I hope that they understand why. I’m going to share my photo of the day with you now. It’s my favorite from mine and Kendra’s exploits this afternoon. I hope it makes you laugh. It’s naughty. Have a good night and I’ll see y’all tomorrow.