It’s day 82 of 365, snowy friends!

Did it snow where you live? Today was the first snow of the season here in the Hudson Valley. I celebrated by baking homemade cinnamon rolls, wrapping a few gifts, making a pot of lentil stew and watching the snow fall from the office window. Oh, and there was some laundry doing in there, too. We only got a few inches, but it looks pretty with all the twinkley lights on people’s houses.

I also went to Scott’s holiday concert. It was pretty good actually. However, I want to tell the choir director for the children’s choir that he needs to choose whether they are a show choir or a regular choir. They were too animated for what they were singing and it really took away from their performance. I thought they sounded great, but could really only tell when I closed my eyes. Especially you, fro kid and sidekick. Calm the eff down. And to all the girls with dresses/skirts, please remember to sit like a lady. The audience could see up half your skirts. Really.

Despite the things I didn’t like, it did remind me how much I enjoy being in a choir…So I think I’m going to look into joining a local community chorus. Does anyone know of any good ones around here?

And now I’m going to enjoy this cup of wine, and play some World of Warcraft. Enjoy the rest of your evening and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!