It’s day 83 of 365! I’m going to apologize in advance because this entry is pretty a.d.d. I’m tired and am having a hard time concentrating.

I hope your Sunday was wonderful. Mine was pretty good! I had a nice morning, eating cinnamon rolls, drinking coffee and playing World of Warcraft. Then it was off to work.  Work was pretty nice. I really enjoy the people I work with and my new job. I got to learn some new things today, which is great. I filled some prescriptions and I also pulled my first catheter. We lost a cat today during a general procedure. It was crazy. I also got to hang out with a really awesome dog named Zero. He had a bad back hip and I hung out with him through his sedation, xrays, and waking up. I hope his hip feels better soon. We had another dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, who had a recent eye removal surgery. She hit her head and her eye started bleeding. So we put an ice pack on it and got it to stop. And then on the way back into the room to be released to go home she hit it again and started bleeding everywhere. Poor pup. She had to stay overnight because she was going to have to come back in to get her pain patch removed tomorrow anyway. I guess it’s really hard to learn to walk with one eye. I bet her depth perception is wayyy off.

This snow is really making me feel all holiday-ish. So today’s photo is of our dog and cat yule tree that we have up in our office. All the ornaments are dog or cat related. Enjoy it and have a great start to your week. I have a busy day tomorrow even though I’m off.  I’ll see y’all tomorrow!