It’s day 86 of 365!

I hope everyone had a super fantastic Wednesday. Mine was long. Today was my first weekday full day shift at the animal hospital. I’m kind of glad it snowed last night because it made the work day slower, which I appreciated, given I’ve never worked during a weekday during the day before.  It was a 10 hour shift and I’m tired now. I just stuck some chili in the crock pot to cook overnight so I’ll have some work food tomorrow. I’m about to eat a bite of dinner because I haven’t had anything since 1 pm on my lunch break. Then I think I might soak in the tub and head to bed because I have to do it all over again tomorrow and I’m guessing it’s not going to be as slow.

So what were the most interesting cases of the day you ask? I think it was a tie between the yorkie with kidney failure whose tongue is literally falling off because of blood poisoning or the lab with the prolapsed anus. The dog with the tongues owners won’t put him to sleep because they think a miracle is going to happen.They even asked Dr. Evans about transplant options. (Yes they do doggie kidney transplants, but this dog is not a candidate and it costs a bizillion dollars and only has a 50% chance survial rate not to mention you have to adopt the donor dog and the receiving dog has to be on medication for the rest of its life, whatalongrunonsentence!) They’ll only put him to sleep if he starts to suffer (organ failure and a rotten tongue apparently do not count as suffering). The dog with the anus just has to have it put back in and get a nice little purse stitch done. I think Dr. Stonefield was doing that as I was leaving. So ANYWAY. Those were definitely the most interesting cases.

So, even though these are late, I did promise to post more pictures from the West Point Tree Lighting. So here they are. One is of the tree itself and the other is of 3 of my Girl Scouts. Enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!