It’s day 87 of 365 my little chickadees!

This Thursday is almost a Friday. Time got away from me once I got home this evening, which in hindsight isn’t a good thing since I have to be back at work in 9 hours. I got a box of holiday gifts I ordered in the mail today, so I wanted to get those wrapped. When I got home this evening, a gift for me had magically appeared under the tree! Yay for Scott! I like gifts under the tree, lol.

So work was busy, but I really loved it. My body, however, is not really loving it. My feet and back and neck hurt! I wonder why? Might have something to do with wrestling with dogs and cats all day. I dunno though, haha. I had a very elderly lab have a seizure on me today that scared the crap out of me! He’s ok though. Whew! I also had to help with a euthanasia of a german shepard puppy that had really bad cancer. It was very sad, but carrying the obsidian is really helping with that. I was able to concentrate on helping the doctor with the procedure as well as comforting the dog without the emotions of the owners getting in the way. I also got to wrangle some dogs to the ground today, and had the nice experience of a dog releasing it’s anal glands on me and Dr. Masucci…that was totally fun.  Tomorrow, I bringing Fred with me so she can see the girls and also get her nails trimmed. She’s killing me with them.

Speaking of killing me, I have a random rash on both of my hands that I got at work. I’m not sure if it’s from dry skin irritation or if it’s an allergic reaction to one of the animals. I’ve had dermal reactions to rabbits, but I’m not sure if I have to dogs or cats. Regardless, I just put some sensitive skin fragrance free oatmeal soothing lotion on my hands and it burned like a mo-fo. I’m not really sure what’s up with that, but I don’t appreciate it.

So on to the picture of the day. It’s of an awesome dog . He’s a Newfoundland. He’s the size of a pony. He weighs more than I do, and that’s saying something. Enjoy this beauty (and I’m referring to the dog, not me) and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

*Today’s picture deleted or confidentiality purposes*