It’s day 88 of 365, my Friday friends!

Not only is it Friday, but today was also my first 12 hour shift at the animal hospital. I’ve had a very long day but I can at least say it was enjoyable! My new work friends are a lot of fun and make me laugh. I brought Fred with me so that Jess could cut her needly little cat nails and so that everyone could give her love, which they did. I also cuddled with my big Newfoundland friend, chased after lab pups that escaped their run, helped kennel walk dogs, clean up surgery, trim dog nails, did lots of lab work, got the crap scratched out of me by a cat, and so much more. And of course there was a little fun thrown in there for good measure. I’m going to make this short tonight because I’m pretty exhausted. But here is just an example of the fun we have (enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow):

I didn't do this...I walked into treatment to find it. I wonder how Ava would feel if she knew her ponies were being exploited this way?


Stephanie, Dr. Smatt, and Sam had a contest to see who had the biggest boobs.