It’s day 92 of 365, my dear ones!

And a happy hump day to you! I’m an exhausted little girl after working at the animal hospital all day. Scott and I just ate our sandwiches from Panera and the rest of the pumpkin pie and finished watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Now it’s time for me to jump in the shower and head off to dream land because I have to work another 10 hour shift tomorrow.

So for today’s photo, I chose one I took this summer at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. It’s a super awesome place to go to hang out with some friendly, loving farm animals. It’s cold here, which got me to missin’ the beautiful weather we had this summer and the fun I had with these new friends. Did you know that WFAS has some wonderful holiday gift ideas, from tee shirts to ceramics to sponsoring an animal! You can go here to find out more and get your shop on! Jenny and Doug do an amazing job running the farm with the help of their staff and gracious volunteers and donations. They couldn’t do it without help! So think about buying a loved one a super awesome gift from WFAS and know that your money is being well spent to help these amazing creatures live. Enjoy the picture, and I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Peace OUT!