It’s day 94 of 365, my brrrr-tastic friends!

And I say brrrr-tastic because it’s absolutely frigid outside. My lips are so chapped right now.  And I have a mad rash on my hands from something I got into at work today. Again. I also think it’s about time for bed because I’m pretty much beat.

But first, let me share a bit of my evening with you! My dog friend Finn went home today. I was super sad to see him go, but I’m sure he’s glad to be back with his family. His mom said she was going to start bringing him to Flannery to board and to the vet because of how well we took care of him and how much we cared. I’m really glad that he’ll be back. 🙂

After work, Scott picked me up and took me out for our anniversary dinner (since we have the Christmas work party tomorrow and potentially a blizzard we didn’t want to chance it). We went to Yobo, and it was delicious! AND! I have left overs. I was really disappointed when I had finished eating that I hadn’t saved any broccoli to go with my left overs. I somehow always manage to eat all of the broccoli first (it’s my fave). So my lovely, kind and caring husband of 5 years gave me his biggest piece of broccoli to go in my left overs! <3!!!! And then he helped me set up the photo I took of it because he’s way more creative than I could ever be. So thank you honey for the broccoli and the photo idea! I love you! See ya’ll tomorrow!