It’s day 95 of 365, my dear friends!

Today is also mine and Scott’s five year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe we’ve been married 5 years. The time has just flown by! I’m sitting here watching the snow fall from our office window and drinking a glass of champagne to celebrate. Scott and I just got back home. We braved the weather to go to my office Christmas party only to find it was a bust because of the weather (everyone was leaving) so we went to Bukhara (the Indian restaurant up from the house) afterward to have a nice warm dinner and to celebrate each other. Now we are all bundled up in our office playing World of Warcraft and looking forward to cuddling up under our nice warm down comforter that I got out of storage this afternoon. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be or anyone I’d rather be with on this snowy winter night! I love you, honey! Happy 5 years and a million more to come! See ya’ll tomorrow. I’ve got some leveling to do!