It’s day 103, my post-Christmas and other winter holiday friends.

So sorry I was unable to post my blog last night. Our internet was down and the connection on my phone kept timing out because we don’t have 3G coverage here at the house. So how many people went shopping to get some great deals yesterday? I took my family down to the Palisades mall. I found a cute sweater and a cute shirt, together costing me only $16, I got Scott a pair of gloves and an Ohio state t shirt, a pair of kitchen shears from Williams-Sonoma (OMG I wish I owned everything in that store) and a really nice jacket for my Grandmother at Macy’s. Oh, and Scott and Walter came home yesterday, which was so so nice! We made seitan hotwings for dinner and everything!

So now, I’m preparing for my very first overnight shift at the animal hospital. I work tonight from 6:30 to tomorrow morning at 8 am. I’m honestly a little bit nervous that I’ll fall asleep or something even though I took a really long nap today. I’m going to be packing a big thermos of coffee, for sure! I’ll let you know how it goes!

So for the pictures, I thought I would give you a few since I didn’t get to post anything yesterday! Enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

Pretending to be pregnant in the maternity clothing store.


Really awesome wooden chair. I'd love to have the set.


These moving light up pictures always make me laugh...especially ones with tigers.